You are unique.

To help you achieve lasting, profitable change, you need a solution designed just for you. Using our academic knowledge and extensive experience, we tailor our services to your unique personal or business needs.

Psychological Coaching & Mentoring

When your ambitions and goals are more clear to you than the path you’ll take to achieve them, our coaching and mentoring services can help. Whether you’re struggling to get your career started, stuck in the mid-career doldrums, or seeking ways to balance your work life and personal happiness, we’re ready to help. Orkida’s collaborative approach adapts to your unique needs and circumstances, walking with you as you develop your interests, improve your performance, and restore a strong sense of purpose to your life.

Applied Organisational & Business Psychology

It is hard to get a career or a business off the ground. It can be just as hard to keep your edge when the early days over and you begin to experience sustained success. Orkida can restore that edge. Our evidence-based workshops help individuals, groups, and organisations step back and evaluate their approach to work, using rigorous, thorough methods to diagnose problems they might not know they had. Once we’ve gotten a clear view of things, we draw on the best contemporary psychological research to heighten effectiveness, efficiency, and workplace satisfaction.

We identify your requirements and individual unique profile to fit your personal or business needs

Orkida helps individuals and organisations identify their strengths, address their weaknesses, and set new standards of performance, efficiency, and fulfilment. Our bespoke programmes draw equally on our team’s extensive academic training and professional experience and on our appreciation of the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual rewards that employees reap from doing meaningful work

Our team comprises professionals qualified in organisational and business psychology, certified in life coaching, and trained in neuro-linguistic programming. Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, whether you are an individual, a start-up, or a multinational corporation, we have the resources, the qualifications, and the experience to help you see your present more clearly and to pursue your goals more successfully.

For a state of Happiness, let us help with your state of mind

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Life Circumstances


Internal State of Mind