Psychology made easy – 2 minutes read

Why using expressions such as ” money is the root of all evil” can trigger lack of wealth and lower our energy vibration. 

In childhood, we see the world through someone else’s eyes e.g. guardians, parents, grandparents, we hear their disappointment, we feel their worries, we stand to their limiting beliefs. 

Beliefs about money are formed between 0 and 7 years and we tend to recycle them in different scenarios starting from teenagerhood. Although they are not our own beliefs, the subconscious mind will store and process them when it comes to deal with money in general.

Expressions such as ” money is the root of all evil”, “better poor but honest” are inherited more than acquired and are perceived with negative connotations when related to career, family, self-confidence and well-being. 

Subconsciously, money is associated with the bad side, dishonesty and guiltiness which contradicts the positive values we live by, leading to the creation of certain blockages.. Those blockages are present in our work and daily life as signs of high level of stress, sense of unfulfillment, low mood, family arguments about money, etc.

To be continued…

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